On a night like this

Sometimes, on a night like this, when a perfect crescent moon floats in the dark sea mottled with a million shining stars. When the pouring whiteness from the sky above puts on a thin veil of silvery light on everything around me. When the gentle summer breeze rustles among the leaves of the lonely birch standing ever so casually on the porch, and brings with it a fragrance … Continue reading On a night like this

Addicted . .

Dedicated to that one person who inspired me take up writing. This short story is about A.N, a writer herself. This is not a detailed bio, elaborating on her life. This is about one of those small things that she used to do. That made it worth spending every single moment with her. Small things, tokens of love, usually end up etched up in our minds, long after they … Continue reading Addicted . .