Why Writing habit is difficult to cultivate

Like hundred times before, I resolve to write every day from today. I woke up early, got fresh and bathed. Cleaned the room. Had lightest of the breakfasts. And then when I could find no other chore as an excuse to delay the work of writing, I took out my notebook and pen, plopped on the chair and started writing. It had been a long … Continue reading Why Writing habit is difficult to cultivate

Movie Review – Secret Superstar

 There are two rules I strictly follow when it comes to Bollywood.   First, skip all the movies that have anything to do with Salman Khan. No matter how good the reviews are. Or how big the claims his ardent fans are making about the movie. Or even if I’m totally free and have nothing else to do on the release week. Simply don’t watch … Continue reading Movie Review – Secret Superstar