Hope and Mistakes

Mornings are beautiful.

We don’t need a second confirmation to know that. We all have felt it. When we have gotten up at the break of the dawn. Seen the sky turning from dark grey to light blue with the first ray of the morning sun. Felt the fresh air rejuvenating our bodies and minds. And listened to that heaven-like silence around us. The silence made even more beautiful when punctuated by the sweetest sound there is — chirping of the birds. It is just magical.

But even more beautiful is the feeling of newness that we feel within ourselves in the mornings.

We are the same person who slept the night before. Our bodies tired, our minds numbed. A sense of rejection from the day passed by. Negative thoughts in our heads. There is no goodness in this world. That the system is rotten. A dog eats dog world out there. Nothing ever worked. Nothing will ever work.

Still, when we get up in the morning, all that chaos in our mind is swept away. All those feelings which made us to gave up on this world are gone or at least faded. And replaced by this sense of a new start. A new beginning that makes us stand up and look far into the empty sky and say, let’s do it. Let’s get it done. Let’s have hope.

Hope is a powerful concept. In fact, it is the primary driver of humanity.

We always wake up with a hope that this day is going be a better day than the last one. At least, we will try to make it better. We wake up with new expectations, new resolve, new hope. Even if we have fears for the day standing before us. We accept the fears in our heads -accepting their inevitably. Still, we resolve in our minds to circumvent them, find a way around and overcome these obstacles. This is the power of hope.

And this goes on and on. Throughout our life. For we stop living the moment we stop believing in this cycle. Doesn’t matter how big a mistake we make. How big a screw up we have done.

In hope, we find that grip on the otherwise flat vertical rock that helps us to not to fall, wait, and then push forward again, towards our destination.

Mistakes play a crucial role in our progress.

The traditional view on mistakes is highly prohibitive. It focuses on avoiding them. Throughout our study lives, we are penalized for making mistakes. And this reinforces our negative view about mistakes. We focus on avoiding them at any cost. Mistakes are bad. This becomes the gospel we ought to follow throughout our lives.

But the real world is far different from the textbook environment we live in schools and colleges. In the real world, mistakes are unavoidable. And mistakes will happen to those who chart new territory.

Life is not a school exam where we study and pass the exams. In life every day is new, every moment is an exam. And herein lies the difference. For those who are not ready to make mistakes are expecting to live life by a textbook. Afraid to do experiments. Scared to take risks.

Such people spend their lives living on the edges, never going into the thick of the things. Never creating or imagining. They live life as designed by others. Fulfilling dreams dreamt by other. Living life as imagined by others.

But it is not enough to just make mistakes. What is important is to study your mistakes. Analyze them with fierceness of a hawk gazing at is prey. And learning from them lessons which no textbook can ever teach.

And in the end what is needed is a hope. That doesn’t matter how bad a setback your life gives it to you. How bad is the fall. The new day will provide you with new opportunities — new opportunity to make mistake, new opportunity to learn from them. And new opportunity to hope for the best.

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