The Mountain – Tidbits

We all have a mountain in our lives that we are afraid to climb. A barrier between the kind of lives we are leading now, and the kind of lives we should have been living. Beyond this mountain we have a version of ourselves that is living a life that we always wanted. We are an imaginative writer there, or a world-trotting traveler.  A brilliant photographer perhaps. It doesn’t matter what you want to become.

What matters is that the reality is beautiful there, your life exactly the way you always wanted.

Even though we know this, still we are afraid to go forward, take that one step because the mountain looks intimidating, scary. But we don’t know that once we have taken that one step, crossed that threshold, things will start falling into place, somehow, magically.

Read below this metaphorical account of one such story.

Full story –The Mountain – Tidbits


I looked at it again, the mountain. The giant colossal form standing in front of me -unwavering and unflinching. Its top piercing the dark night sky and its bottom pressing hard the helpless ground. It extended far in the east and disappeared somewhere in the west, both ends languishing in the dense mist and the dark shadows of the unknown.

Source: The Mountain – Tidbits



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    1. thanks Mahesh for reading the post -I hope you’ve also read the full story in the link provided in this post.

      thanks again for your words. really appreciate. See you around 🙂

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