The monday morning thought

What is the single most contributing factor stopping us from reaching to our dreams –our comfort zone. 


Comfort zone – the place from where you see your dreams floating away.




34 thoughts on “The monday morning thought

  1. sometimes we feel so bad while being out of the comfort zone. We just look around with a sigh and regret for being alone in a crowd…I had faced this many a time.. But when i realized the beauty of being out of comfort zone, when I understood the creativity outside the comfort zone, I started to love it.. yes Nitin, you summarized it nicely..

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  2. It’s Tuesday night when I’m reading it (:
    The idea of comfort zone is so very right and what gives me motivation is a thought that discpline in life is very important. After, relaxation on weekends the routine life of weekdays appears good (:

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  3. I love quotes. They offer such insight and thought in just a few simple words. As I’m reading your blog I realize we are in different points in our lives. You, at the beginning with the great journey in front of you, me closer to the end and reflecting back. Life is an amazing journey and I have enjoyed most of it, agonized over some of it, but can’t say I regretted any of it. Don’t get me wrong, I eagerly I look forward to whatever life is still before me. I feel confident that our Creator has a plan for each of us should we only be open to hear it. I feel my work here is not yet done yet I cannot know for certain. I will cherish each day before me and offer thanks and gratitude for each day that I have been blessed with. I am so much enjoying your blog and all of your personal sharing and thoughts. Hugs!

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    1. these are lovely words, right from the heart. i really respect and admire the fact that you look back on your life till date with satisfaction. I hope that I also be able to do that. Thanks a lot for sharing so much love in the form of these words. Have a great weekend 🙂

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