The Girl on the Sixth Floor – Tidbits

Remembering the old love – The girl on the sixth floor

She is as fair as the December snow. The fairness accentuated by her black curls falling on her face. She sits there, cross-legged, with a thoughtful gaze and an inquiring look on her face, her lips arched into a half smile, and face propped up on one hand supported on the desk. It makes me stop in my tracks, makes me freeze, and I realize how right that person was who proposed the concept of relativity of time —the effect of time dilation; because when I look at her, the time slows down, every moment lingers for eternity and I live a lifetime in each second spent watching her.

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9 thoughts on “The Girl on the Sixth Floor – Tidbits

  1. I like that you never have a problem seeing the beauty in a woman and note all her attractive traits at a glance. I wonder if you have a type that you notice more often. I go for the Katharine Hepburn lookalikes though they aren’t always nice people. Sometimes the prettiest women have been those not of my type but have just had nice natures to attract me.
    Not that I had much luck with ladies anyway up until I met my wife, and she was just my type.

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    1. Love the last line of your comment David 🙂 .. I wish I’ll also be as lucky as you are 😀

      about noticing woman -it happens when I fall for her. one of the girls, we were in same class for a year, seldom noticed her, but then few things happen, I started falling for her, after that I could write pages on her 🙂

      thanks for the lovely comment and have a great week ahead 🙂

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