A new week

A new week is here, as is the new days of hopes, and along with it, a new set of challenges. And for many of us, this also brings forth a new wait for a weekend. But remember that 71% (5/7) of our lives is made up of weekdays. So make best use of them. Enjoy them. Relish them. So that when weekend comes, it is nothing but a cherry on the cake.

Below is the quote on the same lines.

Isn’t it the saddest irony of life, that we keep  on rushing for the weekend, we after week, and then ponder where the life went by.

Supplement this with a short metaphorical poem on hope and love – Finding hope.

Have a great week ahead.



8 thoughts on “A new week

    1. Ha-Ha ! Yes -you’re right. This is gonna be whole new experience. And loads of time to indulge in our hobbies 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts Frederick 🙂


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