Addicted . .

Dedicated to that one person who inspired me take up writing. This short story is about A.N, a writer herself. This is not a detailed bio, elaborating on her life. This is about one of those small things that she used to do. That made it worth spending every single moment with her.

Small things, tokens of love, usually end up etched up in our minds, long after they have gone, left us for some higher road.

Dedicated to you A.N, this post below.. This is the best I can do for you right now.


.  .  .


49 thoughts on “Addicted . .

      1. There’s both inside each of us. Just that in some, one is stronger than the other. And in you, Devil is undoubtedly the mightier one. 😛 The good angel makes a special appearance only sometimes.

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      2. I hope that’s the case, really. Earth is suffering from a scarcity of good souls. 🙂
        PS: It’s from Richie Rich cartoon. Don’t you remember how Gloria used to say that Richie? *Baba re Richie*

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      3. Ok -so now i have to find a similar reference for you -what do you prefer, something like sugar, spice and everything nice powerful girls or Dee-dee types 🙂

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