The Occasional Pain

You don’t become a writer when you try to write a perfect grammatical sentence. This you’ve been doing your entire student life. You become a writer when you put your tears as ink on paper, convert those emotions into words and see a part of your life converting into a write-up. This is the beginning to a journey of you becoming a writer.

We all have one such write-up which we wrote before we knew we can write. The one which took birth out of the anguish in our hearts. A dream in our eyes. A desire in our soul.

Below is one such work – A poem, I wrote much much before I’d any idea that I’ll write as a hobby. That I’ll have a blog and meet some of the most amazing writers here.

Read it here :- The Occasional Pain


2 thoughts on “The Occasional Pain

    1. That’s the beauty of this place -we all are strangers in a conventional way, but when it comes to these feeling related to writing -w all have felt those. thanks a lot for your words. 🙂

      PS -there were some issues with my blog address. So late reply. 🙂


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